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Adam Callen

The Leading Identity and Access Management Engineer and Architect Consultant in the US


Information Technology and Security professional with over 10 years experience in architecting and deploying Identity Management, LDAP Directories, Single/Reduced Sign-On (SSO), Provisioning and Reconciliation/Identity Workflows, Access Management, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), Compliance and Auditing Technologies, Federated Identity, Enterprise System Architecture, Security Infrastructure Design, Authentication and Authorization technologies, as well as custom-built security and technology frameworks.

Proven technical leadership skills include the ability to manage teams, earn the respect of its members, lead by example, and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. Persuasive verbal and written communication skills compliment a proven ability to multi-task, maintain an organized approach, and ensure success – even when faced with high-pressure or high-risk situations.

Often placed in a position to liaison between the project owners and project staff to ensure that all milestones are met and that complete understanding exists between tiers. This is all done while maintaining a hands-on engineering and architecture role.

Engagements within many large-scale environments, both public and private, as a consultant including GM, EDS, Subaru of America, ITT, Unitrin, Guardian Life, Tyco Electronics, Gartner, Paychex, City University of New York (CUNY),  West Virginia University, University of Massachusetts and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Experience in the Government, Education, Healthcare, Auto and Telecom Industries.  User populations have fluctuated from a few hundred to an excess of 1.3 million identies.

Developed, and freely published online, the installation videos / tutorials on Oracle’s entire Fusion Middleware 11g software stack.


IDENTITY MANAGEMENT & SECURITY: Oblix COREid/Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 10g and 11g,  Oracle Identity Manager (OIM / Xellerate) 10g / 11g (R1/R2 PS1/PS2/PS3), Oracle Identity Analytics, Oracle Identity Federation (OIF), IBM Tivoli Suite (ITIM/TIM, TAM), Webseal, RSA Cleartrust, PKI, Kerberos, CA/Netegrity SiteMinder, CA/Netegrity IdentityMinder, Sun Identity Manager,  Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on (Passlogix), Novell Identity Manager, Novell Access Manager,  SUN/IBM/Oracle Federation Manager, Oracle Role Manager (ORM), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle Entitlements Server (OES).

LDAP DIRECTORIES: Microsoft Active Directory, ADAM, IBM Secureway, Tivoli Directory Server, NDS/Novell eDirectory, and Sun One Directory Server, Oracle Internet Directory (OID) 10g and 11g, and Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) 10g and 11g.

CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure

BACKOFFICE SOFTWARE: Database (SQL/Oracle/DB2), Webserver (IIS, Apache,OHS,IHS), Reverse Proxy, Citrix, Terminal services, Portal (Plumtree, Websphere Portal) Application Server (Weblogic, IBM Websphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Oracle Application Server (OAS / OC4J)), Integration (DirXML, IBM TDI, SPML), RACF, SAML, Liberty Alliance.

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Microsoft Windows up to Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition, UNIX (SOLARIS, AIX, IRIX, HP/UX, LINUX, OSX), MS-DOS.



Standard and Poor’s (New York, NY) – 2015

Identity Management Architect / Lead Engineer

  • Built out a new Oracle OIM 11gR2 PS2 Linux Implementation
  • Migrated from a combination of an 11gR1 Windows platform and 10g legacy system
  • Ported over custom Powershell scripts to Scheduled Tasks
  • Integrated OIM with 2 Active Directories and OUD.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Cincinnati, OH) – 2015

Identity Management Architect / Lead Engineer

  • Built out a new Oracle OIM 11gR2 PS2 Linux Implementation
  • Migrated from a combination of an 11gR1 Windows platform and 10g legacy system
  • Ported over custom Powershell scripts to Scheduled Tasks
  • Integrated OIM with 2 Active Directories and OUD.

First American (Irvine, CA) – 2015

Identity Management Architect

  • Was brought in for a 2 month assessment of OIM 11gR1 Deployment
  • Built out Gap Analysis and new OIM Strategies for performance gain
  • Proved out automation process for existing manual use cases
  • Upgraded all environments to latest Bundle Patch releases (BP14, terminal release)


Identity Management Architect / Engineering Lead

  • Planned, designed, and implemented an OIM 10g > 11gR2 PS2 buildout
  • Multi-environment parallel rebuild and migration
  • Custom event handler / policy development
  • Migration of data from legacy 9x environment to 11gR2 environment
  • Requirements gathering / Design guide technical writing / Installation Run book

Healthcare.gov (columbia, MD) – 2014

Identity Management Architect / Operations Lead

  • Re-architected one of the most public Identity Management implementations in history for smoother and more reliable service, bringing uptime to 99.999% reliability
  • Reported to Todd Park (CTO of the United States of America)
  • Monitored and maintained operational activity for all of Healthcare.gov’s user registration and login processes
  • Liaison between engineering, infrastructure, and operations teams to coordinate roll-outs and architectural changes
  • Software managed: OAM / OIM / OVD / OID / OUD (all 11gR2) and Exadata backend

Maryland State Dept. of Education (Baltimore, MD) – 2013

Identity Management Assessment Engineer

  • Architected and deployed a multi-environment 11gR2 roll-out
  • Installed and configured OAM, OIM, OID, OVD, OIF (all 11gR2) on WebLogic
  • Integrated OAM and OIM for self-service
  • Connected OAM to Webcenter Portal, OBIEE, and third-party web-apps
  • Connected OAM to multi-tiered OIF federations across LEA’s

Healthways (Nashville, TN) – 2013

Identity Management Assessment Engineer

  • Brought in to stabilize, a legacy OAM 10g environment.
  • Developed all documentation around their current infrastructure
  • Helped plan out their next steps in migrating to a newer / supported software stack

McAfee (Santa Clara, CA) – 2012

Security and Identity Management Architect / Engineer

  • Engineered Identity and Access Management infrastructure for Oracle 11g Access suite
  • Built out highly available clustered tiers in multiple environments
  • Built out OAM 11g, OIF 11g, OVD 11g, and OID 11g
  • Upgrade 11gR1 to 11gR2 for 4 environments

Franchise Tax Board (Sacramento, CA) – 2012

Security and Identity Management Architect

  • Architected Identity and Access Management infrastructure for Oracle 11g suite
  • Refined client requirements to fit product capabilities and more efficient timeline
  • Assisted hands-on in entire Oracle 11g Suite Install (OIM, OAM, OID, OVD, OED, eSSO)
  • Liaison between technical team and client to maintain project expectations and deliverables

University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) – 2011

Identity Management Architect

  • Developed a working architecture for the Oracle Access Manager 10g and 11g
  • Covered all options with high availability, virtualization, and vendors
  • Delivered documentation on the strengths and weaknesses for each model
  • Worked directly with Oracle on integration of architecture with ODS

West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV) – 2011

Identity Management Architect

  • Brought in to assess, re-architect, and help engineer an Oracle Identity Manager solution
  • Produced staffing plans for IdM employment
  • Produced 3 environments under tight deadlines for semester enrollments

City University of New York (New York, NY) – 2009

Identity Management Engineer and Systems Support

  • Ongoing development of their identity management infrastructure
  • Oversight of OIM, OAM, OVD, OID, AD, and some PeopleSoft pillars
  • Systems included Redhat, Solaris, and Windows 2003
  • Support for 22 campuses and over 250,000 identities
  • Systems support for five different environments (iron and virtual)

ORacle  – 2010

Identity Management Engineer

  • Brought on for quick custom development of adapters for OIM
  • Worked in sensitive government networks with layers of clearance

Sherwin-Williams  (Cleveland, OH) – 2010

Identity Management Architect

  • Assessment and redesign of their existing IDM infrastructure
  • Developed new project plan to transition entire corporation into a more efficient model
  • Help plan staffing for long-term internal support
  • Main stack in use was Oracle Suite

Hennipin County  – 2010

Identity Management Pre-Sales

  • Brought in for technical experience in architecture for large Oracle IDM implementations
  • Closed deal and landed company an extensive contract.

University of Louisville (Louisville, KY) – 2009

Identity Management Architect and Project Manager

  • Architect for the implementation of Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager.
  • Lead a team of engineers through a multi-phase implementation
  • Saved UofL 66% on hardware costs within 3 days of being onsite

Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (Washington DC) – 2009

Identity Management Architect

  • Brought in for initial assessment and IdM Planning coordination
  • Helped develop statement of work for hiring out contractors
  • Designed rough architecture based on high level requirements
  • Ensured that their project would be staffed correctly and set corporate expectations for a successful IdM implementation


Identity Management Architect and Implementation Engineer

  • Architect for and the implementation of Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Role Manager.
  • Integrated all systems with multiple back-end database systems.
  • Cut project scope and duration down by over 30% with discovery and project analysis


Identity Management Architect and Implementation Engineer

  • Architect for and the implementation of Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Role Manager, Novell Identity Manager, and Novell Access manager for POC evaluation.
  • Integrated all systems with Active Directory, SunONE LDAP, IIS and Apache web servers
  • Implementation was done on multiple virtual servers through VMWare running Oracle Enterprise Linux, Windows 2003, and SUSE Linux.


Identity Management Architect

  • Architect for the implementation of Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Internet Directory, and Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Implemented OIM and OAM through Development, Staging, and Production
  • Developing custom workflows and Generic Technology Connectors for manual user dumps.


IDM Consultant/Strategist

  • Interview key subject matter experts to determine current IDM/security hardware and software profile.
  • Analyze current network layout, services and resources to determine required access.
  • Determine user roles and responsibilities, classifying like users into groups to ease maintenance and rule implementations controlling access to resources appropriate to user and group classifications.
  • Analyze and document (both existing and potential) solutions for the following: User account provisioning/de-provisioning, Enterprise Directory Services, Single Sign-On (web and desktop), Password Management, Role-Based access control, Strong Authentication
  • Provide documentation and recommendations detailing best practices for user and access control as determined by independent research and current like institution implementations.


Senior Oracle IDM Architect and Engineer

  • Worked along side with Oracle on architecting and implementing the Oracle Identity Management Suite into a 22-campus environment with capabilities of managing up to 1.3 million end-users.
  • Design was built around managing Students, Faculty, and Staff with multiple roles.
  • OIM was configured to talk to three separate Authoritative PeopleSoft sources for all identities.
  • Provisioning from OIM was configured for Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD), PeopleSoft using Apache reverse proxies and PeopleSoft’s Pure Internet Architecture, and Active Directory.
  • Managed a small team of 5 IdM engineers and worked directly with Oracle’s consultants to meet all deadlines.


Senior Oracle IDM Architect and Engineer

  • Architected and designed a six campus Identity Management solution that encompasses the Oracle Fusion Middleware Stack (Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Virtual Directory, Oracle Identity Federation, Oracle Access Server, and Oracle Enterprise Linux).
  • Design was built around managing all 150,000+ Students, Faculty, and Staff.
  • Managed a team of integration specialists to implement and promote through three environments and on a separate Disaster Recovery (DR) data center.
  • Wrote all documentation on use cases, implementation design, and promotion strategies.
  • Managed a separate project with UMass and an external application service provider to setup federation between the two entities. First successful OIF SAMLv2 to Shibboleth federation to reach production.


IDM Consultant/Strategist

  • Was brought in to finish out an Oracle Identity Manager implementation what was falling behind a tight deadline.
  • In additional to being proficient with the development technologies I have expert knowledge in all of the target systems and their components that the product manages, including LDAP directories, security and databases. This helped bring the project to completing within deadline.
  • Modified out of the box Oracle Database Connectors to fit Gartner’s given needs.
  • Responsible for reviewing and recommending enterprise identity management solutions and deployment alternatives to external customers and internal end-users.


IDM Solution Architect

  • Brought on to assess current infrastructure and recommend best product fit – 2 week engagement
  • Reviewed current architecture and business requirements for an Identity Management Solution
  • Provided a detailed solution document with multiple vendors listing the benefits and disadvantages between each of the suggested product suites and combinations.
  • Product Suite vendors reviewed: Oracle, IBM, CA, and Curion


IDM Architect and Implementation Specialist

  • Performed Requirements Gathering for a Proof of Concept to be implemented into their environment in development.
  • Architected and implemented Oracle Identity Manager into development with basic out of the box functionality in under 2 weeks with a single LDAP as their authoritative source, and provisioning users into Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and Oracle Internet Directory.
  • Wrote all documentation and completed entire project in less than three weeks.


Access Management Solution Specialist

  • Reviewed current architecture and business requirements for an Access Management Solution
  • Architected and implanted Oracle Access Manager (Oblix COREid) into three environments.
  • Developed a custom new user registration process using hooking into IDXML through COREid.
  • Performed all project management and provided status reports to managing director


Identity and Access Management Solution Specialist

  • Was brought in to get an existing Tivoli Identity and Access Management (TIM / TAM) project back under deadline.
  • Wrote rules for Tivoli Data Integrator data marshaling
  • Worked as liaison between existing engineers and project directors on the Time Warner side
  • Redesigned project timeline, managed scope of initial deployment, and resolved issues between client and Time Warner.


Access Management Specialist

  • Provided remote and on-site assistance to the deployment of Oblix COREid (now Oracle Access Manager)
  • Built out, and promoted solution through six environments and two off-site data centers.
  • Worked with off-shore staff, IBM consultants at their IBM campus in Raleigh NC, and with GMAC staff in Detroit MI.
  • Wrote out and submitted step-by-step, run books for all implementation details for Oblix.
  • Developed custom solutions to GMAC business needs that Oblix was not able to accomplish.
  • Implemented multiple languages to both out of the box Oblix installation and custom Style sheets (XSL, XSLT, CSS, XML) for custom registration, login, and forgotten password forms.


Identity and Access Management Specialist

  • Initially was brought in to provide a demo and Proof of Concept (POC) on Oracle’s Identity Manager integrated into their environment.
  • Architected and implemented Oracle Identity Manager as a migration from their current cross-custom identity management solution of M-tech IDM and custom Perl scripts to a full production OIM solution.
  • Integrated OIM into Active Directory, Multiple Exchange servers, Oracle Internet Directory, and bulk loaded all users from a flat-file dump from their Authoritative Source.
  • Rewrote a couple of Oracle’s out-of-the-box connectors to fit their environment and needs.


Identity and Access Management Specialist

  • Designed and architected a multi-organization Identity and Access management system using CA’s Identity management suite (Identity Minder, Siteminder, eTrust Directory, and Admin).
  • Siteminder was setup to protect multiple web and application servers of different flavors
  • Identity Minder was configured to work with multiple authoritative sources and provision users to various end-systems across six different sub-organizations. This included a multi-domain Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Worked with CA to evaluate and fine-tune their product, as this was their first release of the suite is a package form. Had to constantly rewrite a lot of their code and refine their documentation to successfully implement.
  • Wrote custom BLTH modules for bulk importing and custom application provisioning.
  • Worked with TEWS (CA’s web services core) for implementing a custom web interface for new user registration and self-maintenance packages.

EDS  (DUBLIN, OH) – 2005

Identity and Access Management Specialist

  • Provided technical expertise to EDS in all areas Identity and Access Management.
  • Worked on both US and foreign country deployments with the main focus on deploying an globally highly available Identity Management solution for one of their clients.
  • Products supported were Oblix COREid (Oracle Access Manager), Oblix ShareID (Oracle Identity Federation), Citrix, and other custom / home-grown applications.


Access Management Specialist

  • Designed and implemented an Access control system around Oblix COREid
  • Implemented it directly into production (customer demanded it) using ADAM as the user repository containing all 25,000 world-wide employees.
  • Setup multiple reverse proxy Microsoft ISA servers to proxy Internet requests and relay them to the geographic closest Identity and Access servers for authentication and authorization.


Data Security Specialist

  • Tivoli Access and Identity Manager deployment and administration
  • IBM Secure-Way LDAP administration and schema management
  • Computer Associates SEOS and SSO administration and migration into IBM’s LDAP framework
  • Wrote custom VB and Perl applets for production web-based LDAP management and development while TIM is being integrated.
  • Evaluation and implementation of cross-platform SSO and user administration tools including IBM’s IDI/TIM and CA’s Admin
  • User administration and SSO control across seven platforms and over 100,000 users for home office, regional offices, and agencies


  • B.S. Computer Networking and Japanese Linguistics, Eastern Michigan University, 1998
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), Oracle – San Francisco, CA, 2009
  • Oracle Entitlements Server (OES), Oracle – San Francisco, CA, 2009
  • Oracle Role Manager (ORM), Oracle – New York, NY, 2008
  • Novell Identity Manager, Novell – New York, NY, 2007
  • CA Identity Manager Suite (Identity Minder, Siteminder, Admin), CA – Islip, NY, 2007
  • Oracle Identity Manager Advanced Training (OIM), Oracle – Raleigh, NC, 2006
  • Oracle Access Manager Advanced Training (OAM), Oracle – New York, NY, 2006
  • Oracle Identity Manager Basic Training (OIM), Oracle – New York, NY, 2006
  • Sun Identity Manager (SunIDM), Sun – New York, NY, 2005
  • IBM Tivoli Access and Identity Manager (TIM / TAM), IBM – Miami, FL, 2004


Lectures and Publications

  • Identity Management Blog – IDMRockStar.com (present)
  • Identity Management Job Website – IDMJobs.com (present)
  • Given lectures on wireless security and hardening techniques to universities, corporations, and other speaking engagements. (2000 – present)
  • Self-published a book on IT placement strategizing techniques. (2007)
  • White paper on Wireless Network Security was featured on Information Weekly. (2003)